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Skilled Nursing Facility Highlights the Happy in Nursing Homes

Aug 27, 2019
When our Mentor Ridge Health and Rehabilitation center made the news, we knew it would be for something positive. So often, nursing home news is negative; but, Foundations Health Solutions makes a conscious effort to treat our residents and staff in ways that lead to positive outcomes.

Behind this vision of resident and family satisfaction and quality outcomes is Foundations Health Solutions Founder Brian Colleran. Brian's passion is to develop beautiful nursing homes, filled with passionate caregivers making a difference in the lives of their residents each day. Colleran supplies his properties with the resources to provide personalized activities and attention to our residents, who have so much to share and teach us.

Mentor Ridge’s 15 minutes of fame started with a social media post that was inspired by the Facebook trend where parents post pictures of their kids on their first day of school holding signs with their grade and details to remember as they grow up. In similar fashion, Mentor Ridge's residents held a sign that showed the resident's age, their favorite things, and their goals for the year. "The story took off shortly after I posted it," said Andrea Lawrence, Regional Director of Business Development for Foundations Health Solutions. "That same evening, the local news channel called to ask if they could feature it on their nightly broadcast. The residents were thrilled with the idea, so we told them they could share the post."

Since posting the photos on Friday, Aug. 23, 2019, the Facebook post has been picked up by more than 5 news outlets, and there have been more than 15,000 shares and more than 2.3 million impressions. “This all started because we thought it would be fun to ask our residents some of the same questions and document it with a photo for their families,” said Chuck Hillier, Mentor Ridge’s administrator. “The residents all loved it, and they’re really enjoying the media attention. We are really grateful to have resources and support that allow positive news to come from the activities for our residents.”

The residents and staff at Mentor Ridge are still enjoying their moment in the spotlight. The residents will each get a large print out of their photo with a plaque featuring the number of Facebook likes to remember their 15 minutes of fame.

To see the original Facebook post and the media coverage, visit:
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